Ultra-pure water system

Ultra-pure water system
Ultra-pure water system
Puris, Evo-UP Water System
- They produce Type I grade water of which the quality satisfies relevant regulations, such
as ASTM, ISO3696, CLSI, EP, and USP.
- The produced water can be utilized for precision analysis instruments, such as HPLC,
AA, ICP, LC-MS, and ICP MS, as well as in the fields of electrochemistry, TOC analysis,
molecular biology, and semiconductor engineering.
- By utilizing multiple (maximum 3 units) dispensers, final filters can be selected by
application field to produce water free of particles, endotoxins (pyrogens), and heavy
metals. In addition, it is possible to feed necessary quantity of water.
- The 4.3"-wide graphic display enables real-time identification of quality, TOC value, and
PH of ultra-pure water, filter pack utilization condition, and level of storage tank.