erweka disintegration tester

erweka disintegration tester
Disintegration Tester
Clean and convenient interface

It is a device to test the level of disintegration of tablets, and ERWEKA already introduced disintegration tester in 1951.

1, 2, 3 or maximum 4 test stations can be used.
- Manual disintegration test through naked eye (ZT 120, ZT 220, ZT 320)
- System that read disintegration time automatically (mBasket, iBasket)
- Computer control is possible by software
- Station operation distance (55 mm ±2 mm)
- Convenient separation and assembly through the designed of combined basket and shaft (convenient cleaning)
- Acrylic Glass Water Bath that can separate the cover
- Outside circulation type heater (1.500 Watts at 230V, accuracy ±0.5℃)

Product Type
- ZT 120 Series
- ZT 220 Series
- ZT 320 Series