Model Eco-RO800 Eco-RO1600
Product Rate (Up to) 10L/hr 20L/hr
Product Quality

Type Cabinet
Display Digital LED
Function Automatic Timer for
RO Membrane Cleaning
Dimension W350 × D350 × H500 (mm)
Weight 21.5kg 22.0kg
Power 120/240V, 50/60Hz, 1.6A
Standard Accessories 1 Prefilter
1 Carbon Filter
1 RO Membrane for RO 800
2 RO Membranes for RO1600
1 Power Cable Tubing Kit
1 Manual
Optional Accessories ¤ıReservoir, 20L with Level Sensor
¤ıReservoir, 60L with Level Sensor
¤ıPost Ion Filter